What is SMS2Laser

The SMS2Laser product allows people to send a text message, and for that text message to be displayed in laser to the public (on all types of different surfaces) for everyone to see.

Where can SMS2Laser be used?

There are a number of potential applications that can benefit from laser-projected SMS text messages. In general, laser has the benefit of being unique (i.e. not everybody has a laser system so laser images tend to be eye-catching) and it is scalable (i.e. laser displays may be only a few centimeters wide, or as wide as a mountain). These attributes of a laser display make it well suited for a variety of applications.

High energy environments – Nightclubs, concerts, and sporting events

High energy environments are a clear candidate for text messages projected in laser. People in the audience love being able to text a message in, and see it light up the venue. Many major locations around the world already have a laser and Pangolin’s SMS2Laser product.

Trade shows, corporate setting and large-scale displays

Lasers are very appealing, they capture peoples attention. Lasers can be projected onto all types of surfaces in a tradeshow or corporate setting, drawing people’s eyes to the message or slogan. You can use the SMS2Laser product to lead people to your booth, or to showcase a message, advertisement or slogan.

Recently there have been organized efforts to use lasers to project SMS text on the side of mountains, to attract the attention of world leaders. A similar project used lasers to project SMS text on different buildings in various world cities. The idea was that for one day, people in different parts of the world could have their messages projected, and that these messages would be seen by passersby in big cities. The scalability of lasers coupled with the public attraction aspects made these projects successful in generating attention and press interest.

How it works

The SMS2Laser product comes complete with the SMS2Laser software (which processes the text messages), our LivePRO software (for the laser), and a GSM Modem. It can be used in conjunction with Pangolin’s Flashback 3 or QM2000 hardware, which controls your laser projector.

Simply insert a SIM card into the modem we provide, and plug it into a USB slot on your computer. Then all messages texted in will be sent to the number corresponding with that SIM card. Your laser is connected to one of Pangolin’s hardware controllers (the Flashback 3 or QM2000), and these are also connected to your computer. So as messages come in, they are facilitated through the SMS2Laser and LivePRO software, and then displayed in laser for all to see.

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