“The latest texting technology provides DJs with compelling and interactive tools proven to entertain crowds… DJs simplify their jobs by using the IMU to handle song and video requests from the crowd, rather than have them rush the DJ booth… The IMU system is not limited to conventional video display methods. For larger events, the IMU can be used in conjunction with laser systems.”

“Having done VJing, Lighting Design, DJing, and Sound Engineering…, I can definitely see this product being a huge success. We are an interactive and instantaneous society who wants to get our voice heard.”
DJ/VJ/LJ Dan Matthews

“Interactive text messaging gives clubs and DJs a powerful tool to engage and build relationships with customers. It lets them create promotions and sponsorships that produce new, recurring streams of revenue…. Clubs can analyze data collected from incoming messages and then tailor marketing campaigns with incentives that turn occasional customers into regulars.”
Club Systems International

“For the voting, we’ll be showcasing a new technology based on SMS… called Interactive Messaging Unlimited, converts cell phone text and photo messages into live graphics and video in a dynamic setting. This allows messages from cell phones, Blackberries and other wireless devices to be displayed on large projection video systems. At The Last Gadget Standing event, audience members will vote for the gadget of their choice by sending a text message with their vote. The results will be displayed on screen almost immediately.”

“Pangolin has added a vital interactive component — our audience can use SMS to query from their seats and the speakers appreciate the convenience and feedback. SMS Messaging at our conferences is always a big hit. For many it’s the first time they have used messaging services in a group context, showing the huge potential for using SMS in corporate settings.”
Zahava Stroud, President
iHollywood Forum and MobileTech Forum

“Pangolin’s IMU technology can be used to create a more collaborative experience. Not only can people in the congregation have input on the content, it also allows people to ask questions they might not stand up and ask.”
Technologies for Worship Magazine