Phone and Modem GSM Compatibility

Q. Which phone can i use to communicate with IMU Essentials?

A. IMU works with any ETSI-compatible modem or phone.

We recommend the modem Huawei E182E, these can be purchased from Pangolin for USD$75.

In general, most GSM/GPRS or EDGE modem will work, such as modems made by Wavecom, Falcom, Multitech, Sierra, Huawei and Zoom Wireless.

In general, many GSM phones that can be connected to a PC and used as a modem will also work. However, the support for the ETSI standard on mobile phones varies with the manufacturer and model of the phone.

  • Pangolin has had great success with phones made by Sony/Ericsson
  • Pangolin has had very good success with phones made by Siemens
  • Pangolin has only had limited success with phones made by Motorola. Some of them work, and some do not.
  • Pangolin has had very little success with phones made by Nokia. Most will not work.

We recommend you try your mobile device with the demo version of IMU, which can be downloaded here. IMU has a built in communications setup wizard which will automatically setup your mobile phone or modem to work with IMU. If it does not work, please contact Pangolin, because we may be able to adjust the software to work with your mobile device.

Note that, at this time, IMU only supports modems and phones on the GSM standard, and not on CDMA. Within the USA, this generally means the AT&T and T-Mobile networks.