SMS Voting

What is SMS Voting?

SMS Voting is a feature that allows people to text their votes in on a various topics. These votes can be displayed on screen, in real time, with a convenient bar graph form which updates as votes are texted in. Participants may optionally receive a response, thanking them for voting. This feature is used in a variety of different settings. From nightclubs, to political arenas, to battle of the bands competitions, concerts, and sporting events.

How to use SMS Voting

As the venue owner, you convey a message on screen, over the air ways, or on various advertisements, asking people to text their votes in on a given topic. People begin texting their votes into the system, and these votes are automatically totaled for you and can be displayed on screen for all to see.

Vote for your favorite product or person: Run SMS Voting sessions asking people to text in votes for who their favorite person is or what their favorite products are. Great for finding out what your customer base wants.

Competitions: Allow people to text their votes in to vote for the winner of a given competition, just like on American Idol. Popular in battle of the band type events.

Political arenas: Instead of driving to the polls, now people can simply text in their votes for who they want to win the election.

Direct audience feedback: Find out what people in your club want. Let people text votes in on the products you are thinking about offering.

Creates a marketing database: As people text in their votes, their cell phone number is automatically stored in the software’s database. This creates a list of customer cell phone numbers for you. Using our BULK SMS feature, you can send mass text messages out to client who have opted-in (subscribed) at a later point in time, promoting various sales, specials, and offers you have going on.

Note that there are rules and regulations that affect how BULK SMS can be used in certain jurisdictions and geographic territories. Some of these are discussed in the RULES AND REGULATIONS section of our web site. It is a condition of the license agreement of IMU software that you be familiar with, and abide by these rules and regulations in your area.

Used by our home town Orlando Magic

Our SMS Voting feature has been used by our home town Orlando Magic, to run all types of fun voting sessions. People in the audience vote on who their favorite Magic player is, or how many points they think a Magic player will score.