Birthday Shout Outs

Imagine this…..

It’s your friends birthday and you want to do something special to surprise them. You go to your favorite club, and in front of the entire crowd, send a birthday shout out for your friend which is displayed on screen for everyone to see. Not only that, but the DJ then get’s on the PA system, and announces to a “Happy Birthday” shout out for your friend to the audience. Using our text-to-screen feature, you can do this and a whole lot more!

Helps to create a marketing database for you

As people text in different birthday shout outs, their cell phone numbers are automatically stored in the software’s database. This allows you as a venue owner, to track and save contact information for those patrons who have opted-in (subscribed) which can be used at a later time for marketing purposes.

Note that there are rules and regulations that affect how BULK SMS can be used in certain jurisdictions and geographic territories. Some of these are discussed in theĀ RULES AND REGULATIONS section of our web site. It is a condition of the license agreement of IMU software that you be familiar with, and abide by these rules and regulations in your area.

Full Automation… We do the work, you run the party

Our text message software runs completely automatically, helping to make the event run smoothly. The system can automatically post birthday shout outs for you, and capture participant’s cell phone numbers. Our built in filters will ensure displayed content is appropriate for your venue.