Interactive Messaging Unlimited Benefits your Business

What are the 3 items people always have: their wallet, keys, and CELL PHONE!

Your message reaches the intended target instantly; on a medium you know they will see – their cell phone.

    *Over 250 million Americans are using cell phones – that is over 80% of the population.

    * More than 75 million text messages are being sent a month!

    * Currently over 27% of US corporation are utilizing Text Message marketing as part of their advertising plan

Statistics prove that text messages are read within 15 minutes of receiving them, and that text message marketing has some of the highest response rates in advertising, upwards of 12% and higher.


With Pangolin’s Interactive Text Message Marketing Software, you have a mobile marketing device which gives your business, venue, or event the power to market to your customers in a whole new way. Text Message Marketing is the latest trend in advertising and now you can capture cell phone numbers and send out custom messages advertising your various sales, promotions, specials, and events.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our Database creation feature automatically stores the cell phone numbers of users who participate in any of the systems text message features, including text to screen chat, SMS voting, Text to Win campaigns, and more. So any time someone texts in, you have added an additional contact to your database – AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Our custom Keyword technology allows users to text in specific keywords, to receive a custom response message for the products, events, or services you are offering.
  • Send out a bulk text message blast letting people know about your upcoming specials, promotions, events and more.
  • All cell phone numbers can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for additional customization.

Captivate Your Audience

Bring your audience together like never before, while automatically creating a database of cell phone number for future contact. With Pangolin Text Message Software users can participate in a variety of text message applications like these:

Text To Screen Chat:

Participants can text their favorite shout outs, rants, and raves to various screens throughout your venue or event. Extremely popular in high energy settings like nightclubs, sporting events, concerts, and even churches.

SMS Voting:

Instantly poll the crowd, and find out who and what they like the most. Run voting sessions for the crowd’s favorite song, battle of the bands, favorite athlete or product, and much, much more.

Text To Win:

Run various text to win campaigns for free prizes and give-a ways. Texts to win promotions are extremely popular, and are a great way to build your brand awareness.

And remember, every text message sent in, automatically stores that users cell phone number, automatically creating a contact database for your business.

Easy to Use Software – NO BUGS ABOUT IT!


If your current text message software provider is falling short, let us step in. We pride ourselves on creating software that is easy to use, and tested in live environments. Our software has been continually updated over the past several years, and is currently available in version 6.0. We provide clients with easy to use layouts, familiar user interfaces, and automatic setup wizards to make running text message applications as easy as possible. And our “NO BUGS ABOUT IT” approach to design has earned us a reputation for providing the highest quality software available in the industry.


  • We offer a familiar user interface (similar to Microsoft Outlook and PowerPoint)
  • Our software comes with an automatic set up wizard, making getting started a breeze
  • Continued development ensures that our software is bug free, and will run flawlessly at your live events.

If you are tired of getting software that is hard to use, and full of bugs and glitches, we encourage you to try Pangolin’s Text Message Software. Our commitment to continual innovation is what has earned us a position as a leader in the SMS industry. You can rest assured that when you purchase our software, you have a product which is ready to use right out of the box.