Pangolin SMS Releases Interactive Messaging Unlimited Version 6.5

We are proud to announce the official release of Interactive Messaging Unlimited (IMU) version 6.5. This is the latest update to our revolutionary line of SMS software products that have been on the market for ten years, helping clients around the world harness the power of text messaging.

One of the new features within the IMU version 6.5 release includes support for the ZOOM modem, model 4598. This particular modem can be purchased online from a variety of online retail stores such as for less than $50. We have had a lot of success working with ZOOM modems over the years, so the decision was made integrate support for the 4598 model. In addition, we have made a variety of user interface changes to IMU, which help improve the workflow and operation of the software.

Perhaps the most exciting new development within IMU version 6.5, is that it now supports TextMachine 3D – a software program for visual artists and VJ’s, which has a heavy focus on text animation. TextMachine 3D has a variety of video playback tools and architectural area surface mapping features built into the software. In addition, TextMachine 3D has beat sync parameters, preset management options, native and free frame effects, as well as network and remote control setup.

Pangolin has worked with the developers at Satori Software (makers of TextMachine 3D) to create a new tool within IMU which will allow clients to output text messages to the TextMachine 3D software. This new development has great potential especially with DJ’s, VJ’s and entertainers who are already combining text to screen and video. The TextMachine software is very competitively priced at 99€ More information on this product can be found at