Why DJ’s Love IMU

Actual DJ testimonials, from the guys using it every day!

“Having done VJing, Lighting Design, DJing, and Sound Engineering…, I can definitely see this product being a huge success. We are an interactive and instantaneous society who wants to get our voice heard.”
DJ/VJ/LJ Dan Matthews

“I’ve been using Pangolin’s Textlive system since 2007. My clients have had so much demand that I had to buy a second system! The software is easy to use, and that makes creating custom backgrounds and displaying messages a breeze. A great investment!”
Geoff Sockol
Electric Entertainment

“Our guests are really responding well to text messaging. Each week we send them a blast that gives them an offer to visit our club with no cover and no waiting in line and you should see them waving their phones in the air to get inside.”
BJ Ruthven, Rum Jungle Canada

“Mad wicked product, taking clubs to version 2.0”
DJ Cassy

“Just when I thought I had all the latest technology like facebook and twitter this could pimp my club!”
DJ Choose

“Think of the business potential off of this product charge them for the texts, the sky’s the limit.”
DJ Funky B

“I received my “IMU” system last week and just last night I had the opportunity to work with the unit. WOW! Congratulations, this thing is incredible! I applaud your DVD for content and its thoroughness, and the power of this software is mind blowing. I must tell you I don’t get blown away very often but you guys did it. I just had to tell you how delighted I am with this system. Thank you for actually producing a product with some guts for the money. I am impressed. I look forward to showing it off and developing new ideas with it. We WILL talk again!”
Philip Chancellor

“By offering Text Live we were able to raise my video show rates and offer a bigger production than before.”
Tim Frankish
Rock the House

“This looks incredibly easy to use, it’s like why didn’t I think of that.”
DJ Jared

“Think of the drink specials, shout outs, event highlights, and logos you could use with this.”

“Doing a lot of VJing gigs, I’m always looking for ways to get the crowd involved, this is a must have.”
DJ Metro

“I do a lot of mobile gigs and this is great for requests and shout outs.”
DJ Lauren Lipsay

“Now to have this product…all you suckers will wish you were out partying.”
DJ Peter

“Imagine a huge crowd that can pour out nothing but love for the music and event, awesome product.”

“Think of the marketing potential, it collects all the data.”
DJ Spinbad

“This is the MOST INNOVATIVE product at the DJ Times Expo!”
DJ Willie, PA

“I wanted to touch base with you and say that IMU is a HUGE hit for us. Thank you again. We have had 5 events with it, and it has helped us book 4 schools away from our competition. We even met with a local company who is considering a 1 year sponsorship of it for all of our school events that would cover 60% of the cost for each event for the schools that book.”
Bret Agard BCP DJs

“I love the product and the additional revenue it has brought to my company.”
Michael Falgares Rhythm Rockers, NJ

“I absolutely LOVE your software. I was up and running in 10 minutes and this software is all I could ever ask for.”
Adam Rosenfeld Rochester, NY

“Interacting with guests using IMU is easy and fun. The repeat business is automatic. I have no competition with this!”
DJ Jag Florida

“With IMU, I now have an automatically generated database of my fans’ cell numbers so I can promote and market to them EASILY!”
DJ Scotty Chicago

“We’ve been looking for a product like this!”
Mark, club installer, CANADA

“I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen!”
DJ Randi, NJ

“The most unique / innovative product (perhaps the only real “new” product) was Text Live. It’s a system where party-goers use their cell phone to send a text message that appears on the big screen a few minutes later. Funny thing is, when I was in thier booth on Tuesday, I more-or-less pooh-poohed the idea. Then it was in use Tuesday night at the Casbah. Maybe it was because I was compelled to respond to a few messages that were sent my way. The next day I stopped by their booth again, this time raving about how well that worked.”
DJ Teddy Bear