Pangolin in the News

Pangolin and its IMU and VMU products have been widely covered in the trade journals, consumer magazines, and other media. Here are some articles about the company and our products. Articles that are especially detailed or interesting are marked with a dark blue square. The articles are listed under the following categories:

Clubs and DJs

  • Mobile Beat,

    Reach Out and Text Someone.
    “The latest texting technology provides DJs with compelling and interactive tools proven to entertain crowds… DJs simplify their jobs by using the IMU to handle song and video requests from the crowd, rather than have them rush the DJ booth… The IMU system is not limited to conventional video display methods. For larger events, the IMU can be used in conjunction with laser systems.”

Pangolin Interactive Messaging Unlimited 5.0.
“Applying the latest in video display technology to cellular communications… IMU software turns any Windows computer into a message control centre for text and image messages displayed simultaneously with other content… The new “juke box” feature allows audience members to request songs and/or music videos by sending alphanumeric code by SMS to a designated number.”

  • DJ Times,

    Txt 4 U.
    “The Pangolin IMU package includes software, a portable wireless modem, and a USB cable which connects the modem to a computer… The IMU software is sold in two versions: IMU Basic, is designed for use at nightclubs and bars; IMU Pro has features for professional high volume accplications such as broadcast and cable TV.”

Club Systems International,

Txt Blitz: Interactive Messaging.
“Interactive text messaging gives clubs and DJs a powerful tool to engage and build relationships with customers. It lets them create promotions and sponsorships that produce new, recurring streams of revenue…. Clubs can analyze data collected from incoming messages and then tailor marketing campaigns with incentives that turn occasional customers into regulars.”

  • Mobile Beat,
    Cellular Interactions. “Creating extreme possibilities for electronically interactive entertainment…”

Nightclub & Bar Magazine, “Interactive Messaging Unlimited”. Four-paragraph overview of the IMU system.

Night Magazine, “Pangolin”

General-purpose video SMS and text-to-screen

  • Live Design,

    Product News.
    “Pangolin has released its Interactive Messaging Unlimited Version 5, a Windows-based software that allows text or picture messages from a variety of wireless devices to be displayed immediately on video screens… New features include expanded graphic display capabilities, improved and simplified tools for creating and using mobile marketing address books, Windows Vista compatibility, ‘Video Jukebox’ and independent display and control of multimedia messages (MMS) and text messages (SMS).”

  • Florida Trend,
    Sending a Message. “Text messaging is expanding as a communication tool in a number of applications …. [Pangolin has] software that processes text message and then displays them using video or lasers…. The company is targeting nightclubs and bars, trade shows concerts, sporting events and churches.”

Now Playing Magazine,
The Big Push. “You can run, but you can’t hide from the wizardry of wireless…. SMS technology can make you smarter, healthier and entertain you. PangolinSMS has developed a system that allows an entire community of users to interact in near real-time with their phones.” Available on-line without graphics
here, or as a PDF file from the printed magazine (with graphics)

Wireless Daily News, “Pangolin software facilitates Interactive Messaging for Public Display Apps”

Frost & Sullivan Technical Insights Alert, “Interactive Mobile Messaging Platform”

Orlando Sentinel – Central Florida Business, “Software for cell phones”

Wireless Daily News, “Pangolin’s IMU Software Enables Chatting, Voting, Trivia, Sweepstakes”

CTV NewsNet, “What’s new in the world of Wireless Technology” See first two paragraphs.

Trade shows, meetings and events

Exhibitor Magazine,

Get the Message?
“…attendees can send text questions (via wireless devices) for booth staff to answer during demos or presentations.”

  •, Collecting Data with New Technologies: ARS, SMS and RFID. “Giving presentations is less and less about delivering information and more and more about getting and analyzing data in preparation for conveying a message.”  Discusses using SMS and Pangolin’s system to aggregate feedback, gather audience questions and user responses: “A huge improvement over the old ‘step to the microphone’ method.” (If the link does not work, click here for the relevant text.)

New England Corporate Events,
Hot Stuff: Text Message Power (PDF file)
. Short overview of using IMU to “allow audience members at an event to communicate with the entire group, speaker, or discussion panelists.”

Event Solutions, “Text Message It”

Exhibit Builder, “Interactive Messaging”

Wireless Week, (CTIA Show Daily). “Pangolin goes to the concert”


  • PC Magazine website,

    “No More Chads.”
    Description of how Pangolin’s IMU software is used to enable interactive SMS text message voting for “best product”, at the Consumer Electronics Show. (For more details on this application, see our CES voting page.)


Church Production Magazine,

Moving from Presentational to Interactive: Using cellular technology to create an interactive experience.
“…churches are looking for ways to break down the barriers between the congregation and the platform to create a more interactive experience.”

Worship Facilities,
Three Technologies You Should Know About. “[Pangolin’s IMU] technology can be used to create a more collaborative experience. Not only can people in the congregation have input on the content, it also allows people to ask questions they might not stand up and ask.”  (For more details on this application, see our Churches page.)

Religious Product News,
“Pangolin’s Interactive Messaging Unlimited”


Schools and campuses

Campus Events Professional,
“Interactive Messaging Unlimited”
. Short overview of the IMU system.

Campus Technology, in the New Products box on the right side of

this page

Customer loyalty programs

UPI Hi-Tech WirelessWorld column, ‘Card-less’ loyalty promos. “Interactive Messaging Unlimited (IMU)… ‘uses the texting technology already embedded in most cell phones, and enables the video display of SMS/MMS messages, including combining messages with other video content, i.e., live feeds, static or animated graphics, and scrolling text,’ the [PangolinSMS] spokesman told Wireless World. Now that will make for some interesting in-store coupons.” (If the link does not work,
click here for the story.)

Laser display of SMS messages

Mondo*DR, “Pangolin: Lasers Mastered”. Also,
an article about Pangolin’s LivePro software.