Other Uses

Get creative with your events, use Pangolin Text Message Marketing software

It’s obvious; text messaging is huge right now! We are continually seeing new ways for people to text their feelings, thoughts, votes, answers, etc. Pangolin has made its line of text messaging products versatile, allowing you to think up new and creative ways to use it.

We have had plenty of customers call us with new, interesting ideas on how they have used Interactive Messaging to maximize their show, event, or venue. IMU is such a versatile product, because it not only allows the crowd to have more fun, it provides you with a great mobile marketing and SMS marketing tool, as well as allowing you to generate additional revenue from the use of the system. Contact us, we are happy to help

If you have a particular application, that you feel is different, but you know that you want to utilize a text message component, please contact us directly. We would enjoy discussing how our products can help you achieve your goals.

We are innovators here at Pangolin! We love technology and working with people in this industry. We invite you to let your imagination soar, and contemplate all the different ways that you can use text messaging to better your business.