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Our Text Marketing Software will take your revenues to the next level

Text Message Marketing has emerged as one of the most effective advertising platforms for local businesses. Using the latest technology from Pangolin, you can now send a text message update to your database of customers, letting them know about upcoming specials, sales, or promotions you have going on. Your customers want to know about offers that you have, and using IMU, you can target your market, and communicate with them on a platform you know they’ll see… Their cell phone. Text message marketing has huge response rates, upwards of 12-22%, significantly passing all other forms of advertising. And our systems are cost effective, once you buy them, you own them for life, and can run as many text message campaigns as you like.

How it works (Texting in and BULK SMS)

As people enter your location, you can have a display (a sign, television, or banner) set up asking them to text a keyword in to receive exclusive offers from your business. Examples include:

“Text sandwich to 407-299-2088, and receive 10% your current or next order”

“Text cut to 407-299-2088, for your chance to win a free haircut at Sally’s Beauty Salon”

“Text jeans to 407-299-2088, to automatically receive free product offers and promotions”

As people text in, their cell phone number is automatically stored in the software’s database. This creates a list of customer cell phone numbers for you. Using our BULK SMS feature, you can send mass text messages out to those people who have opted-in (subscribed) to receive messages, promoting various sales, specials, and offers you have going on. People enjoy receiving these messages, because they opted in to receive them, and because they pertain to products and offers they are interested in.

Note that there are rules and regulations that affect how BULK SMS can be used in certain jurisdictions and geographic territories. Some of these are discussed in theĀ RULES AND REGULATIONS section of our web site. It is a condition of the license agreement of IMU software that you be familiar with, and abide by these rules and regulations in your area.

Incorporating a Text to Screen or SMS Voting component

Audience feedback is huge for businesses. Using our text to screen and SMS voting features, you can provide your people with an interactive environment to engage in while they are at your location. As customers come into your business, you can have a display set up on a television or screen, and people can send text messages (comments, rants, raves, etc) to that screen. You can incorporate custom graphics into the display, with your logo, slogan, or brand in there. People can also text votes to the screen on various topics, and these votes can be displayed in real time, with a convenient bar graph form. Examples include:

“What is your favorite ice cream, text your vote to the screen now”

“Which beer do you prefer with your pizza, text your vote in now”

“Who looks better in these jeans, vote now for a chance to win a free pair”

As people text in, their cell phone numbers are automatically stored in your database, helping you to increase the contacts you have for marketing purposes.

Incorporating a Text to Win component

Pangolin’s IMU system also has a feature which allows you to run your very own text to win campaigns. These are very popular for businesses that have special events taking place, or want to increase the amount of contacts in their database. Participants simply text a keyword like “WIN” to an associated number, and they are automatically entered for a change to win the given prize. Examples include:

“Text WIN, to 407-299-2088 for your chance to win a free meal at Joe’s”

“Text FUN, to 407-299-2088 for your chance to win free tickets”

“Text DRINK, to 407-299-2088”

Putting it all together

As people come into your location, they see a display (TV, sign, banner, etc). That display has a message on it, encouraging them to text a keyword in to be entered into your database, send a text or vote to the screen, or text in for a chance to win. When they perform any of these activities, their cell phone number is automatically stored in the softwares database. And using our BULK SMS feature, you can send a mass text message out to your database, letting them know about different specials, sales, or promotions you have to offer.