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Communication is vital to an organization. Whether it is business to business, business to consumer, or communication between employees, the lines must be open. Pangolin’s is taking their cutting edge text message software, and tailoring it to corporate uses, helping marketing, employee awareness, and corporate events be as efficient as possible.

21st Century Question and Answer session (Text to Screen and SMS Voting)

Text to screen and SMS voting are features allowing people to text messages, thoughts, ideas or votes to a screen set up in a given venue. Messages can be displayed in real time, and votes can be displayed in a convenient bar graph form for everyone to see. Our system gives you the option of manually or automatically screening the messages for offensive content before being displayed. Users can even send text messages that will be displayed live video!

One of the most popular uses of Pangolin’s IMU is to run question-and-answer sessions at meetings. It provides faster, higher-quality interaction. During the meeting, audience members with questions use their phone to send text messages. The Q&A moderator selects and displays the messages as they come in. They can also send replies back to questioners, such as “Can you clarify your question?” or “Good question — I’ll put you first”. As the meeting proceeds, some questions will be answered in the course of the discussion; these can be deleted from the queue.

When the Q&A session starts, the questions are projected for everyone to see, in the order selected by the moderator:

Use at tradeshows

Interactive Messaging is used widely at various tradeshows, to enhance the visual and marketing displays used by different companies. As people walk the tradeshow floor, you can attract their attention to your booth, using text to screen, SMS voting, or text to win applications, included with the IMU Product.

Lead generation and follow up

As people text into the system (engaging in text to screen chat, SMS voting, and text to win campaigns) the system automatically stores these numbers in a database for you for future contact. Using Pangolin’s BULK SMS application, you can send out bulk text messages to those people who have opted-in (subscribed) to receive information about various topics. Popular BULK SMS messages include thank you messages for participating, various product offers, and informative material.

Note that there are rules and regulations that affect how BULK SMS can be used in certain jurisdictions and geographic territories. Some of these are discussed in theĀ RULES AND REGULATIONS section of our web site. It is a condition of the license agreement of IMU software that you be familiar with, and abide by these rules and regulations in your area.


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“Giving presentations is less and less about delivering information and more and more about getting and analyzing data in preparation for conveying a message… A huge improvement over the old ‘step to the microphone’ method.”
Tom Brunzel

Click here to see what PC Magazine had to say about Pangolin’s IMU, in this description of how the software is used to enable interactive SMS text message voting for “best product”, at the Consumer Electronics Show.


“…attendees can send text questions (via wireless devices) for booth staff to answer during demos or presentations.”
Exhibitor Magazine