Concerts and Sporting Events

Pump up the crowd with Interactive Messaging Unlimited

Pangolin’s Interactive Messaging Unlimited (IMU) system takes audience participation to a whole new level. Using the system people in the crowd can text shout outs, rants n’ raves, votes and more to the jumbo screens set up in different concerts and sporting events. These messages can be visible for everyone else in the audience to see generating even further excitement. Great when you want to cheer your team on, or let that certain band member know how much you like them.

Text to Screen Chat and SMS voting

These are applications included within the IMU system that allow people to text messages or votes to the screens set up at a venue or event. Using text to screen, people in the crowd can engage in a conversation with fellow audience members, cheer on their favorite team, band, or athlete, or simply let everyone know how much fun they are having. Our SMS voting feature allows you to run various voting sessions on different topics, and these votes can be displayed on screen, in real time, with a convenient bar graph form. And in addition, you can create a custom screen for people to text their messages and votes to, incorporating your team or bands graphic, slogans, and more…. You can even sell advertising space in the screen!

Text to Win campaigns

Pangolin’s IMU system also has a feature which allows you to run your very own text to win campaigns. These are very popular when a special event is taking place, and you want to encourage even further promotion and participation for your event. People simply text a keyword like “WIN” to an associated number, and they are automatically entered for a change to win the given prize. You can use different keywords, all associated with a different text to win campaign.

Mobile Marketing (BULK SMS)

As people text into the system (engaging in text to screen chat, SMS voting, and text to win campaigns) the system automatically stores these numbers in a database for you for future contact. Using Pangolin’s BULK SMS feature, you can send out bulk text messages to those people who have opted-in (subscribed) to receive information on various topics. Popular BULK SMS messages include thank you messages for attending an event, or special VIP and promotional offers.

Note that there are rules and regulations that affect how BULK SMS can be used in certain jurisdictions and geographic territories. Some of these are discussed in theĀ RULES AND REGULATIONS section of our web site. It is a condition of the license agreement of IMU software that you be familiar with, and abide by these rules and regulations in your area.

See who else is using IMU

The Orlando Magic used the Interactive Messaging Unlimited system to run SMS voting and text to win events at their games. People in the audience could vote on different topics like favorite Magic player, or text in for a chance to win a special prize, like free tickets or a t-shirt.

IMU has been used at a variety of concerts across the country, including concerts by Clay Aiken and Anastacia.

IMU is also used by Mountain Dew, for their Dew Action Sports tour. People in the audience can text messages, votes and more to the screen at the events.