Why Choose Pangolin

We here at Pangolin pride ourselves on providing the industry with the best Text Messaging Software available, which is why we have put over 12 years of research and development, and over 500,000 lines of code into our IMU product.

Unlike the Other Guys out there, we have been continually developing IMU and it is now available in Version 7.0!!

Our Text Messaging Systems were designed by professionals for professionals, and are currently being used by nightclubs, DJ’s, concerts, churches, and sporting events, large corporations, tradeshows, real estate agencies, and much, much more.

These venues and events love the texting features that come standard with our systems; like Text to Screen Chat, SMS voting, and Bulk SMS, just to name a few.

We truly believe in our product, and offer you several reasons why you should choose a Pangolin Text Messaging System:

Buy it and Own it for Life

With IMU, you completely own the system for life. There are no per message fees, update fees or any of that! We believe in giving you the ability to run your own text message campaigns, and have created systems allowing you to do just that.

On this note, we would also like to point out, that with IMU, there are no costly “feature” upgrades you have to purchase. Our systems come with the exact features we describe, so you know what you’re getting. We are not like those other guys, who charge additional fees for each feature. So FIRE them, and go with an IMU system.

Create an Interactive Environment for your audience and guests

People like to express themselves, so give them a way to that. Our systems allow people to communicate like never before. Our texting features allow people to chat, vote, enter trivia and sweepstakes, and receive updates on the latest and greatest things that interest them.

Popular feature include: Text to Screen Chat, SMS Voting, Bulk SMS, Text to Win, Text Song Requests

Easy to Setup, Easy to Use

Other Text Messaging Systems can be a hassle to set up and use. At Pangolin, we believe that using our systems should be fun and easy, that is why we have created automatic set up wizards, which will get the system up and running in minutes. In addition, our text message software is extremely easy to use. The GUI is similar to Microsoft Outlook’s email program, where text messages come in looking like an email. You have an inbox, sent box, and outbox. Within this interface you can create your custom texting campaigns, tailored to your venue or event. The visual portion of the software (VMU) is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Panels are placed over a background, and you can move these panels as you wish, while incorporation custom made backgrounds that fit your theme.

Creates a automatic Database

Mobile marketing is becoming more and more popular these days, so get your message out there. Our system automatically captures your audience’s cell phone number, building a database of numbers for you to send out information to. People who opt-in (subscribe) express a desire to know what you have to offer, so get it to them in the most direct fashion, straight to their cell phone. Our database feature also lets you export information to an excel spreadsheet, for even more flexibility.

Notify your audience immediately!

With a Pangolin Text Messaging System, you can run a Bulk SMS campaign and send out information to those who have opted-in about your upcoming promotion, sales, events and more.

Automated Responses with Custom Messages EXCLUSIVE TO PANGOLIN

With the IMU system, automatic response messages can be sent out after voting campaigns, sweepstakes etc. EVEN MORE, you can also create custom keywords, which when texted in, will send back automatic responses with specific messages.

Automatic Filter keeps Abusive content out

Our Text Messaging Systems all come with a built in filter, which will automatically screen text messages for abusive content. It will also send a response message back to that individual, letting them know that those inappropriate texts will not be allowed.


We have several systems available, all tailored to provide our users just what they need. We don’t have confusing “add-ons” and features. With IMU, you know exactly what you are getting, and we include the features mentioned for free! Not to mention our systems are the most competitively priced on the market! We can do this, because Pangolin is a multi-national company, spanning the globe, with users all over the world.

Revenue Boosters

The IMU Platform offers you several ways to generate additional money with the system. You can sell advertising space within your text screens, and you can also add taglines to your outgoing messages, saying things like “thanks for voting, use FORD Motors”.

We can create a custom application just for YOU!

Perhaps you have a product to which you’d like to add SMS capabilities. We have extensive experience with SMS text and picture messaging, and would welcome discussion of licensing opportunities. The licensing could include the extensive work we’ve done thus far, as well as contract work to quickly implement new features important to your application. We are flexible, so feel free to contact us regarding your project.

Here’s why we think some type of licensing agreement could be very advantageous for your product.

No Bugs About it!

If you have used other Text Message Software out on the market, then you know what we are talking about. Most text message software available is full of bugs, but not Pangolin’s. We have been updating this software since 2002, continually improving upon it, to make sure that it is as bug free as possible.

Note that there are rules and regulations that affect how BULK SMS can be used in certain jurisdictions and geographic territories. Some of these are discussed in theĀ RULES AND REGULATIONS section of our web site. It is a condition of the license agreement of IMU software that you be familiar with, and abide by these rules and regulations in your area.